Dedicated Servers

- Linux/FreeBSD/Windows
- On-Site Backup Included
- Root Access
- RAID SATA & SSD Drives

VPS Cloud Servers

- Linux/FreeBSD
- On-Site Backup Included
- Root Access
- Redundant Instances

Offsite Backup

- Windows/Unix/Mac
- Standard/Geo-Redundant
- Unlimited Bandwidth
- 10% Off with JCI Server


JCI announces lower prices and increased memory, disk and bandwidth on ALL cloud and dedicated servers. Our Plan 3 and Super Server Plan 4 dedicated servers now come with SSDs in a RAID5 configuration as standard and optional at no additional cost for the Plan 5[MORE]

JCI is now hosting many former NetHere, Simply Internet and Znet web site and email customers whose web sites, email accounts and domain registrations were transferred from NetHere Inc. late last year. Accounts were seamlessly transferred with no changes in log-in credentials, email addresses or pricing. [MORE]

JCI now offers FreeBSD 11.1 for all Dedicated Server Plans and for FreeBSD virtual servers. Now you can have a true FreeBSD virtual cloud server and not the more limited "jail" servers from previous implementations. [MORE]

JCI has acquired and merged with LAMP Host, a San Diego based hosting company that provides domain registration, web hosting and manager cloud hosting services to over 200 customers. LAMP Host's web hosting and managed Cloud services compliment JCI's hosting products and can be seen at [MORE]

JCI announces a new line of dedicated servers with the latest generation Xeon V2 processors plus hardware RAID controllers, dual hard drives and a built-in server management card with dedicated out-of-band KVM access. [MORE]


Technical Support Services

Basic System Administration

DNS Service

Network Configuration


Through its LAMP Host division, JCI now offers:

- Web Site Hosting

- Managed Cloud Server

- Managed Dedicated Servers

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