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JCI offers professional support services to assist and support our hosting customers. These services are provided on an hourly or project basis depending on the complexity and duration of the project.

Our technical support staff personnel have 10+ years experience with Linux, BSD and Windows. We specialize in open source support but also provide installation, set-up, problem solving and other assistance for Windows and Windows Server 2003/2008 systems.

We offer support for Basic System Administration, Advanced System Administration/Engineering and Database Administration. Below are examples of the types of services that we can provide in each general area.

Please call or contact us at to discuss your project and/or ask questions. There are times we can offer support without charge as part of our basic technical support for servers and/or backups.

Basic System Administration
  • OS installation
  • Basic system level administration new users, updates, etc for Windows 2003/2008, Linux(most variants) and FreeBSD.
  • Mail server setup, configuration and maintenance - postfix, sendmail, dovecot, exchange, etc.
  • MySQL & Postgres setup, configuration and maintenance.
  • Apache/NGINX and general LAMP stack setup.
  • DNS setup and maintenance
  • Subversion/SVN/Git development environments
  • Caching - Memcache/Redis
  • Backups
  • General issue troubleshooting
Advance System Administration/Engineering
  • Custom projects involving more than basic setup. For example setting up a multiple server cluster for web infrastructure including dedicated web server(s), load balancing, SQL server, back-up and media vault.
  • Custom apache/sql tuning, scripting/coding (bash, perl, javascript, python)
  • Monitoring solutions and/or emergency help including on-call assistance
  • Server migrations from older instances to new instances.
  • Dedicated hardware setups including storage systems, network equipment, etc.
  • Setting up off-site backups, multi-site redundancy, disaster recovery sites, etc.
Data Base Administration
  • MySQL & PostGres
  • Installation, upgrades, migrations and configuration
  • High Database Availability: Clustering, Replication and Backups
  • Database auditing and Tuning

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